Application Instruction

Tutorial Videos (more coming soon) :

Nintendo Switch Skins

Nintendo Switch OLED Skins

Standard Instructions:

  • Find a work space! Any flat surface where you can stabilize your device will work. Your legs work, but it’s not ideal nor recommended.
  • Clean your device! Use a damp towel or damp paper towel to wipe down the surfaces you will be applying to. Again, the cleaner, the better.
  • Peel it off! Simply grab a corner of the vinyl skin and gently peel the backing away. For any thin areas, be sure to lift carefully as to avoid any stretching of the vinyl.
  • Line it up! Do not apply hard pressure, and the skin will be able to lift up and reposition until you get it right. For most surfaces, the skin will be able to slide on the surface.
  • Stick it on! Now that everything is perfectly aligned, start applying pressure from the center and work your way out towards the edge of the device. This is especially important when working with a device with curved edges. You’ll want to fan out towards the curved edge to smooth out those bumps.
  • Hairdryer! This just became your new best friend. For any surfaces or edges with curvature, do not put pressure right away. Heat the vinyl up with the hairdryer until it is soft, then apply pressure and watch the magic happen. This is key in creating smooth edges, so go slowly. Take your time.
  • Bye bye bubbles! If there are any bubbles, all you have to do is run your finger over them and guide them to the edge.

Additional Tips & Tricks For Specific Devices:

For Nintendo Switch & Nintendo Switch OLED : using hairdryer specifically for joycon skins to make sure to smooth any wrinkles.

Hairdryer for edge

Hairdryer for back

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