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Top 10 Strongest Demon Slayer Female Characters Ranked And Reviewed

Discover the top 10 strongest female characters in Demon Slayer, ranked and reviewed for their unique abilities, impact, and enduring legacies.



  • Get an in-depth ranking and review of the ten most formidable female characters, examining their combat abilities and strategic significance.
  • Delve into these characters’ emotional depth and personal journeys.
  • Explore how their experiences contribute to their strength and leave a lasting impact on the storyline.

In our latest article, discover the formidable prowess of the female characters from the enthralling world of Demon Slayer. Journey into the heart of battle and intrigue as we rank and study the skills, strengths, and stories behind the most powerful women in this beloved series. From the medically brilliant and illusion-wielding Tamayo to the resilient and deadly Nezuko, discover how these characters fight with their unique abilities. 

These women are powerfully dangerous, whether they’re wielding deadly poisons, manipulating space, or harnessing incredible speed and strength. Join us as we explore the depths of their power, the complexity of their characters, and the impact they have on the captivating plot of Demon Slayer.

Demon Slayer: Top 10 Most Powerful Female Characters Of All Time


10 Tamayo

Tamayo is known for her hate of combat. She instead focuses on her exceptional medical expertise. Her profound knowledge of the medical field and her masterful use of illusions set her apart in the series. Despite her preference for healing, Tamayo demonstrated her potential as one of the stronger demons during a climactic battle, revealing layers of her character previously unseen.

Initially aligned with Muzan before the formation of the Twelve Kizuki, Tamayo’s loyalty shifted as she directed her efforts towards combating demons. Her Blood Demon Art, primarily used against her kind, allows her to induce hallucinations and compel confessions.

Tamayo’s groundbreaking achievements include transforming a human into a demon independently of Muzan’s blood and developing antidotes for Blood Demon injuries. Moreover, she invented a drug capable of weakening Muzan and reverting demons back to humans.

09 Spider Mother

Forced into the role by Rui, a Lower Moon of the Twelve Kizuki, The Spider Mother holds the position of the most vulnerable and most abused member of the Spider Family. Despite her subservient standing, she showcased her abilities more impressively than her offspring, even experiencing a moment close to redemption. 

Eventually, she embraces death to escape the abuse, showing a moment of human emotion and kindness towards Tanjiro in her final moments​. The Mother Spider Demon’s Blood Demon Art includes two primary abilities: Puppetry and Spider Manipulation. She could create threads from her fingertips to cover an entire mountain and manipulate bodies like puppets, controlling them from a distance using tiny spiders. 

This allowed her to exert tremendous power over the puppets and even control demon corpses for combat. Additionally, she could create and command tiny white spiders with red dots to stealthily attach her threads to victims, which burn upon contact with a Nichirin Sword.​

08 Kanae Kocho

Kanae Kocho’s legacy lived on strongly in Demon Slayer, with her influence and prowess vividly portrayed through flashbacks and narratives even after her death. She was known for her kind nature and amiable personality. 

Her presence was characterized by a constant, gentle smile, reflecting her benevolent spirit and leaving a lasting impression on others. Renowned for her exceptional skills and resilience, Kanae was a brilliant Demon Slayer and a devoted elder sister. 

She famously engaged in a long battle with one of the strongest demons, Doma, showcasing her remarkable endurance and combat abilities. Holding the esteemed position of the Flower Hashira, Kanae was also skilled in wielding the traditional Nichirin sword. Her death was a significant blow to the corps, marking the loss of a skilful warrior.

07 Mukago

Demon Slayer features a range of formidable demons like Susamaru and the Spider Family Members, some of whom never achieved the Twelve Kizuki status, highlighting the series’ diverse strength hierarchy. However, Mukago’s ranking, mainly as Lower Moon 4, above demons such as Kamanue and Kyogai, indicates her superiority over formidable opponents. 

This assumption is further supported by Kyogai’s display of power against Inosuke and Tanjiro during the Tsuzumi Mansion arc. Mugago must be extremely powerful even though She traditionally avoided confrontations with the elite Hashira. 

Ultimately, Mukago and three other Lower Moons met their end at Muzan’s hands. This early departure from the series meant that the full extent of Mukago’s power remained largely unseen, leaving her true capabilities a matter of speculation.

06 Nakime

Nakime has the esteemed position of Upper Moon 4, sharing this rank with Hantengu. Unlike her counterparts, Muzan doesn’t deploy Nakime for direct fights with the Demon Slayer Corps or tasks like searching for the rare blue spider lily. Instead, she plays a critical defensive and support role, using her wooden biwa to manipulate space, teleporting demons, and constructing the intricate Infinity Castle.

Nakime’s significance and strength lie in her supernatural resilience and exceptional agility and speed, allowing her to effectively dodge attacks. Holding such a high rank under a calculated and discerning leader like Muzan signifies her undeniable value and capabilities. 

Although not centred on frontline battles, Nakime’s role as Upper Moon 4 is pivotal due to her unique abilities and strategic importance, underscoring her status as a powerful and indispensable character in the series.

05 Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu Kocho is known as the Insect Hashira. Her approach to swordsmanship sets her apart, relying more on the strategic use of Wisteria poison, which is deadly to demons, rather than brute strength. This method allows her to weaken demons effectively, making it easier to deliver the fatal blow with her katana. 

Regarding her capabilities, Shinobu’s speed is noteworthy, rivalling or surpassing that of Tengen. Her agility and unexpected manoeuvres caught even the Upper-Rank Two demon, Doma, off guard, leading him to acknowledge her as the fastest Hashira he’d encountered. Despite sustaining severe injuries, Shinobu’s pace remains unaffected. 

Her profound knowledge of medical research and toxicology further enhances her combat effectiveness. Shinobu’s weapon is a slender, lightweight sword that mirrors the quick sting of an insect. This design enables her to swiftly deliver her wisteria poison into a demon’s body, watching her enemies give in to its lethal effects, a testament to her unique and deadly approach to combat.

04 Kanao Tsuyuri

Kanao Tsuyuri is a primary supporting character in Demon Slayer. As a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, she is not only Shinobu Kocho’s Tsuguko but also the adopted sibling of Shinobu and Kanae Kocho, positioning her as one of the series’ most formidable female warriors.

Despite lacking the raw strength typically required for beheading demons, Kanao’s intense training and innate talent make her a force to be reckoned with. At the Butterfly Estate, she not only aids Tanjiro in his training but also showcases the outstanding techniques of a seasoned demon slayer, setting an example for him to follow. 

Her exceptional abilities have led many to view her as a potential Hashira, a belief she more than affirmed during her monumental battle with Doma. While Kanao may be reserved and not particularly vocal, her remarkable combat skills speak volumes, leaving a lasting impression wherever she goes.

03 Daki

Daki shares the Upper Moon 6 title with her devoted elder brother Gyutaro despite Muzan perceiving her as a hindrance to Gyutaro’s potential. Daki’s prowess places her among the elite female fighters in the series. She can survive decapitation as long as Gyutaro remains alive, a rare ability among demons.

As a primary antagonist of the Entertainment District arc, Daki’s expertise in flesh manipulation and her track record of defeating seven Hashiras underscore her lethal capabilities. Although she may seem dependent on Gyutaro, her abilities are formidable in their own right. 

Her primary weapon, the sentient Obi, can autonomously attack enemies from a distance, making her attacks nearly impossible to counter or evade. If faced in a one-on-one battle, Daki’s lethal prowess and strategic use of her Obi make her an overwhelmingly challenging opponent.

02 Mitsuri Kanroji

Mitsuri is the Love Hashira in Demon Slayer. Her weapon is a whip-like, extra-long Nichirin sword, demanding exceptional strength and flexibility to wield effectively, a feat only she can achieve without injury. Her significant contributions in battles against formidable adversaries like Gyokko, Hantengu, and Nakime in the Infinity Castle arc highlight her combat achievements. 

Despite her formidable strength, Mitsuri Kanroji has a complex relationship with her power. She harbours a wish to find a partner stronger than herself, a challenging prospect given her extraordinary capabilities. 

Mitsuri’s incredible strength can be demonstrated during the final arc when she tears off one of Muzan’s tentacles with her bare hands. Additionally, her unexpected attacks against Muzan towards the manga’s conclusion further cement her status as a powerful Hashira and one of the strongest women in Demon Slayer.

01 Nezuko

Nezuko Kamado’s transformation into a demon gives her superior strength and abilities beyond any human character. She uses unique Blood Demon Art, specifically Pyrokinesis. This extraordinary power allows her to conjure bright, pink flames that are particularly devastating to other demons, as they can neutralize other Blood Demon Arts. 

Nezuko has demonstrated her might against several upper-rank demons, overpowering notable foes such as Daki, Gyutaro, Susamaru, and Hantengu, the Upper-Rank Four. Unlike other demons that rely on consuming humans for regeneration and strength, Nezuko is self-sufficient. She only needs rest to recover, which makes her uniquely powerful. 

Her rare resistance to sunlight sets her apart from the other powerful demons. Her lineage, possibly linked to the Sun Breathing technique, and her pure nature, as she refrains from consuming humans, may explain her unique immunity to sunlight, a lethal weakness for her kind and something even Muzan could not achieve. These traits and her strategic combat abilities underscore her status as the most powerful female character.

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