• This article highlights the intricate universe and the unique abilities each tool brings to the sorcerers’ battles.
  • Uncover the profound connection between cursed tools and their wielders, demonstrating how these tools are not just weapons but extensions of the characters’ will and strategy.
  • Experience the pivotal moments where these cursed tools shine, like the Sword of Extermination’s potential to deliver lethal strikes against formidable opponents like Sukuna, emphasizing their critical role in the series’ most intense battles.

Jujutsu Kaisen,” a thrilling anime and manga series, introduces a world where sorcerers use cursed tools and weapons to battle against evil curses. These tools, ranging from the powerful Inverted Spear of Heaven to the strategic Black Rope, are essential in the sorcerers’ mission to protect humanity. Each tool is infused with unique abilities and histories, reflecting the diverse and intricate universe of Jujutsu Kaisen. 

As we explore the top 10 cursed tools, we’ll dig into their significance and the sheer variety that shapes the series’ dynamic battles and captivating storylines.

Jujutsu Kaisen: Top 10 Strongest Cursed Tools Till Now

10 Mei Mei’s Battle Axe

Mei Mei’s Battle Axe symbolises her formidable strength and combat prowess. This massive weapon is nearly as tall as Mei Mei herself, showcasing an intimidating and functional design. The battle axe’s size and weight require considerable physical strength to wield effectively, making it a perfect match for Mei Mei’s powerful fighting style.

The battle axe isn’t just a physical weapon; it’s also a conduit for Mei Mei’s cursed energy. When she channels her energy through it, the axe’s destructive power is significantly enhanced, allowing it to cut through curses and their techniques more efficiently. The synergy between Mei Mei’s physical strength and her cursed energy makes the battle axe a fearsome weapon, capable of dealing massive damage and overpowering even the strongest enemies.

09 Shigemo’s Hand Sword

The Hand Sword is a crucial element of Shigemo’s fighting style, compensating for his lack of physical prowess. This unique weapon features a semi-conscious hand functioning as the hilt, which grips tightly even in Shigemo’s weaker hold. The Hand Sword’s independent movements enable Shigemo to create misdirection and confusion in battle, perfectly aligning with his deceptive combat strategy.


This cursed tool doesn’t just enhance Shigemo’s ability to fight; it embodies his deceptive nature and reliance on trickery. The Hand Sword’s design allows Shigemo to maintain a safe distance from direct combat while posing a significant threat, making him a dangerously unpredictable opponent.

08 Split Soul Katana

The Split Soul Katana is one of the most powerful cursed tools that can go through any physical toughness to assault the soul of its target directly. Employed extensively by Toji Fushiguro and later by Maki Zenin. The katana’s true power can only be unleashed if its user has the ability to see the souls of inanimate objects.

During the Gojo’s Past Arc, Toji Fushiguro often used the powerful Split Soul Katana in his crucial mission. He skillfully fought off a huge creature sent by Suguru Geto, easily tearing it apart from the inside. He also used this sharp blade to cut through the toughest of Geto’s spirits, the Rainbow Dragon. Later, Maki Zenin, carrying a copy of the same katana made by Mai Zenin, set out on her own journey to take on the Zenin clan, showing the ongoing importance of this special weapon.

07 Black Blade

Black Blade is a cursed tool primarily used by Megumi Fushiguro. This weapon is distinguished by its lightweight and easily concealable nature. Its design allows Megumi to seamlessly store it in his shadow alongside other weapons, ready for quick access and use in battle. Hanami acknowledges the Black Blade’s superiority in terms of cutting power and durability compared to other weapons like Kasumi Miwa’s katana.


In combat, the Black Blade proves its worth multiple times. Megumi demonstrates its effectiveness during the intense fight with Hanami, where he uses the blade’s speed and precision to land critical strikes on the cursed spirit. Additionally, its ability to effortlessly slice through multiple heads of the Yasohachi Bridge curse showcases its sharpness and strength. The blade’s exceptional durability is not just a claim; it is observed when Maki Zenin employs the Black Blade to fight with some of Japan’s strong special-grade cursed spirits.

06 Black Rope

Black Rope is a unique cursed tool with roots in an African clan known for its powerful creations over many years. This tool is more than just a rope; it can disrupt or cancel out other people’s cursed techniques. Its ability to interfere with and neutralize the cursed energy of opponents makes it a strategic asset in battles, allowing the user to gain the upper hand by limiting their enemy’s abilities. 

​During the intense Night Parade of a Hundred Demons, Miguel showcased the true power of the Black Rope. Skillfully using this cursed tool, he disrupted the formidable Limitless jujutsu of Satoru Gojo. This disruption opened a rare window, enabling Miguel to land physical strikes on Gojo, an incredibly rare and difficult achievement for most who face Gojo.

05 Dragon-Bone

Dragon-bone is a powerful cursed weapon, considered the best creation of the skilled Juzo Kumiya. Its unique ability lets it store and release kinetic force and cursed energy. This means the user can make the blade move incredibly fast and with great power, enhancing its cutting ability like no other weapon.

Maki Zenin, a formidable character in her own right, came into possession of Dragon-bone after she found the whereabouts of the secretive location of Juzo’s workshop through Master Tengen. Armed with Kumiya’s most incredible creation and an additional sword from Mai, Maki embarked on a fierce and decisive battle against the Zenin clan. Her acquisition of Dragon-bone significantly boosted her combat prowess, enabling her to single-handedly confront and overpower her opponents.

04 Playful Cloud

The Playful Cloud is one of the most valuable cursed tools in Jujutsu Kaisen. It is a red tri-stick connected by chains and decorated with flame-shaped patterns. Despite its lack of spells or cursed energy, this S-Grade tool’s worth and power are unquestionable, with its impact relying solely on the user’s physical prowess. 


Its true potential was showcased when Toji Fushiguro wielded it, transforming it into a deadly weapon against formidable opponents like Dagon. The Playful Cloud embodies the raw, uncontrolled strength that, when paired with a formidable user, becomes a force to be reckoned with in the jujutsu world.​

03 Chain Of A Thousand Miles

The Chain of a Thousand Miles is an exceptional special-grade cursed tool mastered by Toji Fushiguro. It can extend without limitation as long as one end of the chain is kept concealed. Toji, known for his speed and stealth, skillfully hides the chain’s end within a cursed spirit, housing his arsenal of other tools. This versatile chain serves as a potent blunt-force weapon. It also enhances the effectiveness of other tools when used together.

In a notable battle against Satoru Gojo, Toji demonstrated the chain’s strategic prowess by attaching it to the Inverted Spear of Heaven, amplifying its attack range and power. The deployment of this chain resulted in a tactical upheaval, as it tore through the earth to launch a devastating assault of debris at his formidable opponent, showcasing its critical role in combat scenarios.

02 Sword of Extermination

The Sword of Extermination is closely linked to Megumi Fushiguro’s most formidable Shikigami, Mahoraga. This blade is unique as it is coated in positive energy, similar to the energy used in Reverse Cursed Techniques. This special coating allows it to easily slice through anything or anyone made of cursed energy. Divine General Mahoraga, a mighty shikigami summoned through the Ten Shadows Technique by Megumi, wields the Sword of Extermination attached to its right forearm.


In the intense Shibuya Incident Arc, this shikigami faces off against Sukuna, the king of curses. The fight is critical, with the Sword of Extermination’s potential to inflict lethal damage on Sukuna, highlighting its immense power. However, the battle takes an unexpected turn as Yuji’s human body, intertwined with Sukuna’s existence, acts as a shield, protecting Sukuna from what could have been a fatal strike.

01 Inverted Spear of Heaven

The Inverted Spear of Heaven is more than a mere dagger; it’s a formidable cursed tool capable of nullifying the cursed techniques of anything it touches, including seemingly unstoppable abilities like Gojo’s Limitless. This makes it a feared weapon capable of reversing the tides in any battle. Its unique power to disrupt and neutralize makes it the most powerful weapon and a game-changer in fights against curses and other sorcerers.​


In the battle with Gojo, Toji utilized the Inverted Spear of Heaven. Through a complex plan, he deceived Gojo, causing a momentary lapse in his defence. Grabbing the chance, Toji struck a devastating blow with the spear, using its ability to cut through Gojo’s defences like a hot knife through butter. 

Some Honourable Mentions That Almost Entered Our List:

  • Festering Life Sword
  • Yuta’s Cursed Megaphone
  • Nanami Kento’s Sword
  • Slaughter Demon

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