Ace, Yamato, and Luffy: A Story of Friendship Death and Promises

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Who is Yamato?

Yamato is Kaido’s biological daughter from the One Piece manga, introduced in chapter 971. However, he refers to himself as a ‘he’. After being deeply inspired Kozuki Oden, and being present at the legendary hour, Yamato gained a profound respect for the samurai and his beliefs.

Since the legendary hour on that historical day, Kaido’s son has stood against Kaido. Inspired by Oden’s strength, bravery, and determination to protect Wano, and its citizen, Yamato has gone as far as to adopt the samurai’s persona and has dedicated his life to free Wano.

Due to Yamato’s conflicting beliefs, he was made a prisoner in sea stone shackles by Kaido. Monickered as the Oni Princess, she has eaten the mythical fox fruit, and is very strong, as she managed to hold her own against Kaido; moreover, she also easily matched Luffy in Gear 5 and 3, thus showing her prowess as a fighter.

Despite the fallout with Kaido, he was still respected by the beast pirates. However, they always restrained her on orders from Kaido; apart from this, we don’t see any specific way that Yamato gets punished by Kaido; this could perhaps be because Kaido raised Yamato to take after him.

Ace Intro:

Portgas D Ace, is the son of the pirate king Gol D Roger, he is one of the strongest characters in One piece, owing to his Logia Devil fruit. Ace is also the sworn brother of Monkey D Luffy, and Sabo. He gained repute after leaving the island, he was known for his powers, exceptional strength. Ace formed his own pirate crew, and was undefeated for a long time.

Ace finally got defeated by Edward Newgate, also known as White beard, the strongest man in the world. In a flashback impressed by Ace’s powers, White beard asks him to join his crew and after a lot of strife, he finally became part of the crew and went to become the crew’s second division commander.

Ace was killed by admiral Akainu, during the war of the best, at marineford. Apart from that, little was shown about Ace’s life as a pirate, until the Wano Arc.

Ace and Yamato:

In the One Piece anime, it was shown that Ace arrived in Wano, during his baby days. His aim at the time was to defeat all 4 emperors and free the children abducted by Kaido.

Fortunately, or not, when Ace arrived at Wano, Kaido was away on an expedition, as a result he ended up in a small fight with Kaido’s son, Yamato. They are shown to be evenly matched, however, as Yamato has no intention to fight Ace, she just asks her to take the children to the mainland.

Apart from this in one of the previous chapter, Ace also meets Tama, who quickly accepts Ace, to the point where Tama calls Ace her older brother.

Ace and Yamato Relationship

There has been no official revelation by Oda in the One Piece manga or anime, about the nature of their relationship.

However, much to the dismay of Ace Yamato shippers, it is widely hinted that they were very good friends, as Ace helped motivate Yamato. They both have daddy issues, Ace, tells about his own father, the pirate king, and how he doesn’t associate with that identity.

During the time they are fighting, Ace asks Yamato why he still helps Kaido, despite all that hate, and why Yamato let Kaido shackle up his heart as well. The words resound with Yamato, who then goes on to smash Kaido’s statue in an act of Defiance.

This is the point where Ace, and Yamato’s friendship really begins. They go on to talk about a lot of stuff, and Ace tells Yamato about what’s happening out at sea. He also takes this opportunity to mention Luffy, in fact, he mentions Luffy every chance that he gets.

Yamato, expresses a desire to leave the island and go on a journey, however, due to the shackles on her wrists, she is unable to do so, at this point Ace promises to come back and free Yamato, and Wano.

Luffy and Yamato

In the present time, Ace is dead, and Luffy is in Wano, in an attempt to free Wano, from the clutches of Kaido. At this point, during a fight with Ulti, Luffy meets Yamato. They fight initially, but soon realize who the other is and become allies.

Luffy also manages to free Yamato, using the advanced armament Haki that he just learned. Yamata, who was previously chained, is now free and joins the fighting. Yamato comes to terms with the fact that Luffy is leading the battle against his father. Yamato listens to Luffy’s orders, to save Momonosuke.

Ace was supposed to come to Wano, and help liberate the country, but it’s almost poetic that within 5 years, his brother is here to help free the country from Kaido’s clutches. Seeing Luffy keep the promise Ace made, and having a good relationship with Yamato, is contrastingly beautiful and sad at the same time.

The bond Luffy, and Yamato have, is quite similar to the one Ace had with him. The bond between Luffy, and Tama, is also the same, as she refers to Luffy as her older brother. We can see the effect Ace had on her life by the way she reacted to the news of Ace’s death.


Throughout the show, it becomes obvious that Yamato is surely not playing pretending to be Oden, and is pretty serious about his goals.

At the end of the arc, when Luffy finally beats Kaido, he expresses, the desire to become a member of Luffy’s crew, however, in the end, he has a change of heart.

Before setting out on his journey, with the straw hat pirates, he wants to protect Wano from potential invaders and help the country rise again.

He could join the crew, as there is the vacant position of a quartermaster, within the crew, for someone to keep logs about the journey, this would also stay true to his Kozuki Oden, persona. Her joining the crew would make them pretty strong, too, as he could hold his own against Kaido.

Ace, and Yamato shared a very close bond, as they both had similar backstories, in regard to their father, and could relate to each other. A lot of the die-hard fans wish that they were a thing, but they were only just close friends. Fid joined sense previous chapter infamy series beating dragons world interest Zoro Nami manga Japan wait people trust things English find reunite.

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