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These iconic moments in anime gave epic a new meaning, making some of the most memorable scenes in their respective series.
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The Straw Hat pirates are the main crew within the One Piece universe created by Eichiro Oda. The captain of the crew is Monkey D Luffy. Luffy’s crew consists of 10 members; apart from them, together they have fought different pirates and even the world government. Luffy unknowingly also commands the straw hat grand fleet.

In this article, we will be discussing each member of the Straw Hat Pirates and ranking them according to the difficulty in achievhing their dreams.

1 Monkey D Luffy

Luffy also called “Straw Hat” Luffy because of his iconic Straw hat given to him by Shanks. Luffy is from East Blue, and at a young age was inspired by the Akagami pirate crew, and since then he has wanted to become a pirate. The captain, of the Red-haired pirates, is Shanks an infamous pirate, formerly the cabin boy on the Jolly Roger. Luffy at the start of the series was looking to start his own pirate crew because with their help he wanted to become the Pirate king.

“Straw hat” Luffy, has faced a lot of adversaries because he practically came out of nowhere, yet he took the oceans before, and after the grand line by storm. Luffy got the devil fruit powers after eating the Gomu Gomu no mi and became a rubber man. His fruit gives him a lot of versatility, allowing him to fight powerful pirate crews. “Straw hat” Luffy is a young pirate, only 17 years of age when the series began.

His dream is to become the pirate king and find the One Piece hidden in Laugh Tale. The reasoning behind this is that he believes that the Pirate king, is the person with the most freedom on the sea. We can see, how serious he is about his goal, when he loses his cool fighting Hody Jones on fish man island, after the latter claims that he is going to be the king of the seas.

Luffy’s crew, is not limited to only humans, he considered the Going Merry, his first ship as part of the crew as well; at the same time, he considers the Thousand Sunny as a part of the crew. The Thousand Sunny is now the official straw hat ship because it is also recognized by the marines.

2 Roronoa Zoro

“Pirate Hunter” Zoro is the first straw hat crew member. He is also the right-hand man of the Straw Hat pirate crew. Zoro does not have a devil fruit power, but instead has a unique fighting style; he uses the three-sword style, and way of fighting, and is one of the two swordsmen, part of the straw hats.

Zoro’s dream is to become the strongest swordsman in the world. Kuina, his deceased childhood friend, inspired him. Zoro’s only real rival is Mihawk, the current strongest swordsman in the world. Zoro, alongside Luffy, is a part of the Worst Gen pirates, which consists of people who are a big threat to the world government. Zoro, Luffy, and Sanji are the monster trio from the straw hat crew. Together they are stronger than the other straw hats.

Zoro is extremely strong, and we can see him flex his powers when he got rid of bounty hunters from Baroque Works, an organization created by Crocodile who was a part of the seven warlords.

3 Nami

Cat burglar, Nami was the third addition to Luffy’s crew. She is the navigator of the crew, and joined the straw hat crew after Luffy fought for her freedom against the fish man, Arlong. She is a vital member of the straw hats.

Nami aims to become the first navigator, to successfully map out the grand line, along with the entire world. Nami also has a unique fighting style, as she manipulates the weather around her, to fight her enemies. However, even with her abilities, she is one of the weakest members of the straw hats.

4 Ussop

Ussop was the third member to join the Straw hats pirate crew. He is a jack of all trades and served as the interim Shipwright of the crew until they figured out who the actual shipwright would be. Ussop joined the crew after the Syrup village arc, where Luffy’s crew saved him, and his beloved from the hands of an evil pirate.

Ussop officially joined the crew after the Syrup village arc was over; he is also the sniper of the crew. Ussop is extremely smart and helps to develop weapons, but apart from this, he is also one of the weakest members of Luffy’s crew.

Ussop, also known as God Ussop, aims to become a brave warrior of the sea, as the giants of Elbaf inspire him. He is one of the easy-going crew members within the Straw hats. Moreover, the first ship given to the Straw hats, also known as the Going Merry, was given to them after the Syrup village arc.

5 Sanji

“Black leg”, Sanji was the fifth member to join the Straw Hat pirate crew. He is the only cook on board the Thousand Sunny. He is also one of the strongest members of the Straw hats; the people that are stronger than him are Luffy and maybe Zoro. With Sanji’s addition to Luffy’s crew, the monster trio became complete, and the three of them together can take down the strongest pirate crews. They are a major threat recognized by the world government.

Sanji’s dream is to find All Blue, a hidden ocean that contains all the fish in the world. Sanji, along with Zoro, is also nicknamed the wings of the pirate king. Sanji is the dark horse of the straw hats and is extremely strong without a devil fruit. Within the monster trio, he is the only person that can think rationally, unless it involves women. He has come in clutch multiple times, saving the straw hat crew from danger.

Another cool fact about Sanji is that he is royalty; he belongs to the Vinsmoke family. This was revealed in the Whole cake island arc, where he was being forced into a marriage with Pudding, one of the many daughters of Big Mom. In the cake island arc, he got a major power-up in the form of the raid suit, provided to him by Germa, an organization created by his family within the pirate world. Sanji, like Zoro, Luffy, and Nami, is also from East blue.

6 Tony Tony Chopper

The straw hat crew consists of a talking reindeer named Chopper as well. He is the doctor in Luffy’s crew. He joined the Straw hats after the Drum island arc, where the monster trio freed, his island from the clutches of an evil pirate, named Wapol who was terrorizing Drum Island and proclaimed to be king of the island.

Chopper, is the only doctor of Luffy’s pirate crew, and he is extremely talented, he dreams to finding a cure for all illnesses that plague humanity. Chopper is a cotton candy lover, and an extremely kind-hearted creature, who got the power of speech by eating the Human human devil fruit.

7 Nico Robin

Nico Robin is the archaeologist within the Straw Hats. She is also known to the entire world by the title of devil child. Only a few people are left alive which is a major threat to the world government, that is because they can read the ponyglyphsto to find the truth of the world. She was persecuted wrongly, and a bounty of 70 million was put on her head while she was still a child.

Nico Robin was initially an enemy of the Straw hats because she served under one of the seven warlords of the sea. After declaring war, the Straw hats fought the world government in the Enies Lobby arc to rescue Robin. After this, Nico Robbin officially joined the crew.

Nico Robin has also eaten a devil fruit and consists of the stronger member of the Straw Hats, she is also one of the few Straw hats, that joined after Luffy entered the grand line. The straw hats are the only known crew, that accepts her for what she is.

Nico Robin, aboard the Thousand Sunny, aims to find the truth of the world, by reading all the ponyeglyphs, and finding out what truly happened in the void century, that the world government removed all traces off.

8 Soul King Brook

Brook is the wandering swordsman; he meets the straw hats in the Thriller Bark arc. He officially joins the straw hat crew, after they fight Moria, one of the seven warlords of the sea in order to help Brook get his Shadow back.

Brook is a skeleton because he has already died once, but because of his devil fruit, he managed to stay alive. He is perhaps the only walking skeleton in the entire world. Brook’s own crew, along with his former captain, died while trying to cross the grand line.

Brook also known as the Soul King is the musician of the crew; his dream is to cross the grand line to meet Laboon, a giant whale and perhaps his only friend, who waited for him for years after his crew died. Laboon still waits for the Soul king at the start of the grand line.

9 Cyborg Franky

Franky the Straw hat crew’s shipwright, is one of the major threats to the world government as he owns the blueprints of an ancient weapon. He also created the Thousand Sunny from Thousand-year wood, the same wood that was used to build the Jolly roger.

The cyborg joins the Straw hats at the end of the Enies lobby arc, and dreams to have his ship sailed all around the grand line, thus after a lot of forcing from Luffy, he finally agrees to join the crew. He also takes care of all the technology within the ship, after he joins.

10 The Warlord Jimbei

Jimbei was a part of the seven warlords of the sea. However, he got suspended because he refused to help with the execution of Ace. Jimbei is a fish man and meets Luffy at impel down. When Luffy is separated from the Straw hats, he helps him free his brother Ace.

Even though they are unable to save, he manages to rescue Luffy from the battlefield, and becomes a really good friend. After the time skips, when Luffy becomes really strong, he asks Jimbei to join his crew, to which Jimbei agrees, but before he can join, he has to leave Big mom pirates.

Sea knight Jimbei was also the right-hand man in the Sun pirates, and after the fish tiger passed away, he became the captain of the Sun pirates. He leaves his crew, along with the Big mom pirates to finally join the Straw hats, in the Wano country arc. He is the helmsman of the crew.

Jimbei’s dream is to make better bonds between fish man island, and the rest of the humans, because the humans, and the world government tend to look down towards fishmen. The straw hats can help him realize his dream.


The straw hats are a powerful crew that reside on the Thousand Sunny. The crew is extremely, and every individual has hard and unique dreams. The crew has come a long way from where they began. All the members have gotten extremely, in fact after the Wano country arc, they have become a pirate crew worthy of aiding Yonkou.

The crew consists of a lot of notorious people, like Jimbei, and Robbin, and there is speculation that even Yamato, the daughter of Kaido may join the Straw hats as well. Together, they are a major threat to the world government, as they also command the straw hat grand fleet. They are well on their way to achieving their dreams, on the way to Laugh tale.

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