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Does Nami Have Conquerors Haki?

Spoiler: This article has information from the manga that has not been aired in the anime. No, Eiichiro Oda has not revealed if Nami possesses Conquerors Haki, but with recent developments in the One Piece manga, there is significant evidence […]

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Spoiler: This article has information from the manga that has not been aired in the anime.

No, Eiichiro Oda has not revealed if Nami possesses Conquerors Haki, but with recent developments in the One Piece manga, there is significant evidence to believe that she might have some dormant powers.


Nami has been a part of the Straw Hat pirates from day one. She has proved her worth by being an exceptional and trustworthy navigator apart from her other roles and duties. Nami gaining Haki would benefit the development of the Straw hats, but at the same time, it wouldn’t be very coherent to the plot at this point. Even if she does awaken this power, it will take a long time to master this technique fully. Fans have debated this question for a while now, and with One Piece Manga chapter 1058, all signs point towards a future where this possibility might become a reality. To understand Nami’s potential, let’s discuss Nami’s affinity with the different forms of Haki.

Nami’s Origins

Nami’s origins are unknown; Bellmere found her with Nojiko on the war-torn Oykot Kingdom in the Grand Line. Raised in the village of Cocoyasi on the island of Oshima, Nami developed a love for cartography and dreamed of creating a map of the world. Her early life started as a thief since she had to resort to thievery to buy back her village from the infamous Arlong Pirates. She joined the Straw Hat crew after they defeated the Arlong pirates and saved her village.

Haki of the Supreme King can be passed down from generation to generation, which Garp mentioned at Marine Ford, so moving forward if we discover more about Nami’s origins, we might get to know if she has the capability to inherit this power similar to how we delved deeper into Sanji’s backstory during the Whole Cake island arc.


Observation Haki

The most suitable Haki Nami could possess is Observation Haki since it gives the user increased perception, ability to sense incoming danger and awakens a certain sixth sense allowing the user to monitor even human emotions. Nami’s ability to monitor the changes in the weather, predict its movements and Navigate the Going Merry and then Thousand Sunny through challenging situations is a testament to that. These high-level abilities to forecast sudden changes are very similar to traits displayed by users of Observation Haki, like Katakuri, who could predict Luffy’s attacks even before he made them.

This skill would allow Nami to become an even better Navigator and very helpful in battle; sadly, Observation Haki is a skill used to predict sentient beings’ movements. Still, her well-trained skills might help awaken and hone her ability if she awakens this skill.

Armament Haki

Armament Haki is a common ability in the new world mainly used to defeat Logia Devil Fruit users, it allows the user to increase their offensive and defensive skills with a coat of arms through willpower. Nami would be a great contender for such an ability since she is cited as one of the crew’s weakest.

With her Clima Tact that consists of Zeus, Armament Haki would be devastating for all opponents. She might awaken this ability because of Nami’s ability to hurt Luffy, who shouldn’t be affected by blunt force. Now many consider this a gag done by Oda, and when asked, Oda responded, “Nami does damage to Luffy’s spirit.” This might mean anything; nevertheless, Oda has a sense of using gags to develop key plot sequences, so the possibility exists.

Conquerors Haki

Conqueror’s Haki, also known as “Haki of the Supreme King” in One Piece, is the rarest form of Haki that allows the user to exert their willpower and overwhelm the willpower of others, leading to unconsciousness. It’s considered a mark of leadership, and only a few individuals have shown the ability to use it. You need to have a strong ambition to use such an ability. While Nami’s ambition is to create a map of the world, it doesn’t come close to the ambition of other Conqueror’s Haki users like Zoro, the Greatest Swordsman or Luffy, The Pirate King.

Manga Chapter 1058: New Emperors

As the Straw Hats sail away from The Wano Kingdom, Nami, in a fit of rage, locks up Luffy in a cage as he decides the direction to set sail in a random direction on a whim. She snaps at Jimbei when he tries to calm the situation, where Jimbei exclaims, “Was that the Supreme King Haki?!” while noticing her demeanor. At first glance, this might seem like comic relief. Still, black electric lines protrude out of Nami, illustrating Conqueror’s Haki.

The chances of Nami displaying Conqueror’s Haki, or at least the innate ability to have it, are high since she has always been a crucial member of the Straw Hats. The fact that Jimbei, a seasoned warrior with the most experience out of all the Straw Hats, realizes this power gives up a glimpse of hope for this possibility to be a reality.

Unfortunately, the chances of her truly honing and awakening this skill are slim since the Straw Hat Pirates are on the path of no return. Nami will need more time to train her skills like Zoro, Sanji, or Luffy had during the time skip. Nami’s clima tact is a great weapon that could be further strengthened with armament Haki, but it still received a great power-up with Zeus. 


Many fans would love to see Nami awaken this new power, but it might just be a gag from Eiichiro Oda. Nami might not wield the color of the Supreme or the other two Haki types, but she is still a powerful fighter. Nami has a strong aptitude to develop Haki, and if she does, it would be an unlikely development for the story. Still, some power-up does seem to be in Nami’s future since Oda has said that he wants Usopp to be the weakest member of Pirate Crew. Nami has excellent ambition, and she rises to the occasion whenever needed; even if she acts like a scaredy cat, she continues to get stronger.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.       How strong is Nami right now?

Nami might be a more physically strong member of the crew. Still, her ingenuity and intellect allow her to rise above the ranks. She had Usopp create the Clima Tact pre timeskip, which has now been upgraded to the Sorcery Clima Tact, incorporating all the technology and techniques she learned from Weatheria in one weapon. She gained even more power with Zeus, a cloud with Big Mom’s soul, and started living inside her weapon, giving it even more power. Nami has a new bounty of 386 Million belli, showcasing her value to the World Government.

2.       Has Nami shown any signs of using Haki?

Nami has shown slight signs of having great awareness skills with her ability to predict the weather and sense incoming weather. Her skills can be seen across various arcs, from Alabasta to Punk Hazard to Wano. Her ability to hurt Luffy shows her affinity for these powers, but Oda has always used these as gags. Still, such instances can be seen as signs displaying Nami’s potential as a Haki user.

3.       How does Nami contribute to the crew?

Nami not only fulfills the quartermaster and finance manager roles, but she is also the navigator and guides them through their routes. Nami manages supplies and finances, including giving out allowances and managing resources. Many fans believe that Nami is the glue that holds the crew together. Nami has stopped fights between Zoro and Luffy many times and always guides the group to stay cohesive.


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