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One Piece 1060 reveals that Luffy’s true dream is not to be king of the pirates


Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Chapter 1060 of One Piece is entitled “Luffy’s dream “One Piece chapter 1059: Complete summary. The cover of the Shonen Jump represents Luffy Gear 5 Nika and 9 Straw Hats. The chapter starts with Luffy revealing his dream to the crew, and we can see their reaction.

Excerpt of chapter 1060

Zoro: Huh?

Jinbei: Hm? What did you say?

Nami: Eehh??

Brook: Yohoho! It is so much fun!

Usopp: Hey, no no, you are…!

Franky: Wahaha, this is good, this is the best!

Sanji: Dahahaha, hey Chopper, examine his brain!!!

Chopper: Waah~

Luffy: This is the “end of my dream.”

Luffy reveals his dream to the crew, which we do not know.

Robin reads the newspapers. The crew understands the world situation (Sabo killing king Cobra) while they are in Wano Kuni. Luffy says that the newspaper must be wrong because Sabo wants to free everyone.

Luffy: It is a lie! There is no way he killed Vivi’s father! Sabo wouldn’t do that!

Robin: Of course, I think the same thing! The enemies of the revolutionary army are the “nobles of the world,” not the kings.

Luffy is the one who says they need to go to Alabasta and Zoro stops him by saying that Vivi isn’t there. Then Luffy thinks they must go to Mariejois, but Zoro stops him again. At the end of this part, Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and Sanji insult Zoro.

After that, we watch Sabo continue his call with Dragon. He mentions visiting the Kingdom of Lulucia and seeing a person sitting on the empty throne.

Then we see Imu with a map on which we witness the crossing out of the kingdom of Lulucia. In the sky of Lulucia’s realm, black clouds gather, and lightning strikes left and right.

Something gigantic appears above the island, above the clouds (we can’t see it). It starts shooting laser beams (or something similar) over the island, producing a massive explosion in the form of a sphere. But the globe is the product of the impact of the laser beams on the island. We see an object falling from the sky onto the land, destroying the kingdom of Lulucia.

Im destroyed Lulucia

At the end of the chapter, the fellow Straw Hats meet Jewelry Bonney, whose bounty is 320 million berries. They find Bonney a few days before the first part of the chapter (the part about Luffy’s dream). They find her in the sea (she is in child form), near a winter island with a harsh climate. It is the last page of the chapter, so there is no interaction that we can see.


Analysis : what is luffys true dream

Oda was not bluffing when he announced that One Piece was entering its final stretch. The mangaka has pressed the gas pedal in the last few episodes. We are witnessing a parade of confidences and events that make the storylines move forward at cruising speed. To show what happened in chapter 1060, in which Luffy left us (and all the crew members) speechless. More than 25 years after he started his adventure, the rubber man admits that his dream was not really to be the King of the Pirates, but it was just one more step to realizing his real dream.

In a panel for the story, we will remember it again and again in future flashbacks. The captain of straw hat pirates confesses his feelings to the rest of his comrades. They realize that he has never opened up to them until now. He reveals the secret of his soul, which he had only shared with Shanks, Ace, and Sabo until then. “Everyone laughed, and Shanks even had tears in his eyes!” Luffy recalls with a laugh. Now, what’s the secret?

A master at keeping us on our toes, Oda does not let go of anything and leaves room for debate, speculation, and theorizing in the months (or years) to come. But yes, the mangaka leaves us a precious clue: the reaction to the captain’s words. The face of each of them at the announcement of the news. From the astonishment of Jinbe, Usopp, and Zoro, aware that he says something VERY, VERY important and challenging to realize, to the laughter of Brook, Franky, or Sanji, eternally surprised by the courage and madness of their friend; via the admiration in the eyes of Nami, Robin and Chopper. A mystery even bigger than One Piece.


A True dream of straw hat captain

Oda will say and dispose of it, but given the gang’s reaction, Luffy’s goal shouldn’t exactly be easy. Eradicate slavery from the world so that his friends like Camie (the mermaid from Fishman Island) are no longer subject to the Celestial Dragons. End world hunger so that characters like Tama (in Wano) no longer suffer from food? Let’s adopt all the lonely and lost children (like Ace, Sabo, and him back in the day, or the ones in Punk Hazard) so they have a family. Or is it about breaking the world’s shackles, waving freedom, and making everyone do what they want? Or He wants to hold a party that the entire world could join! He’s always been a champion of free will, to the point of refusing to have his fleet. Why not? We all know that Luffy’s dream remains simple and sounds perhaps ridiculous to others.

Luffy and Roger

Luffy’s dream is not becoming the Pirate King

It could be something simpler and more feasible, or it could be something even more complicated. All we know is that reaching laugh tale and being the King of pirates is the first step to getting there (same dream as Roger). In a chapter we will remember for the rest of the series, One Piece proves why everyone is talking about it. It demonstrates why it captivates us and keeps us glued to its pages. These panels will mark a before and after, and some already assure that they also come to confirm that no one else will join the group. Only the people present when Luffy opened his heart (sorry, Yamato) will be worthy of being called Straw Hats. You never know the big reveal of Oda. Let the adventure continue.

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