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One Piece: Heroic Sacrifice of Bartholomew Kuma, Explain

Bartholomew Kuma is a pivotal member of the Revolutionary Army and a former Warlord for the World Government. Initially appearing as an enemy to the Straw Hats, Kuma was an ally in disguise who helped the Straw Hat Pirates on multiple […]

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Bartholomew Kuma is a pivotal member of the Revolutionary Army and a former Warlord for the World Government. Initially appearing as an enemy to the Straw Hats, Kuma was an ally in disguise who helped the Straw Hat Pirates on multiple occasions including Sabaody Archipelago. The history of Kuma, his reasons to join the Revolutionary Army and his motivations are shrouded in mystery but we do know that Bartholomew Kuma undoubtedly holds a key role in the One Piece World.

Bartholomew Kuma Intro

Bartholomew Kuma was given the title “Tyrant” who then turned into a Warlord for the World Government. Kuma used to be the King of the Sorbet Kingdom but had to deviate to a life of piracy, his motivations are unknown but we have heard Sabo say that Kuma is the kindest soul he knows. For such a person to be called a Tyrant is unusual. He ate the Paw Paw fruit, this devils fruit allows him to repel anything, which includes compressing air and repelling status effects on other people.

He joined the Warlords because he wanted to get rid of his emotions and figure out the secrets of the World Government, Kuma allowed Dr Vegapunk to conduct multiple experiments on his body turning him into a Pacifista. Even though he lost more than half of his humanity, his kindness still remained and Kuma became the Starw Hat’s strongest ally.

Paw fruit

Bartholomew Kuma is using paw fruit capacity

The Paw Fruit allows Bartholomew Kuma to Repel any and all attacks, Kuma can repel air and direct attacks of any type. It is one of the strongest Paramecia Type fruits with enhanced capabilities. Kuma’s ability is taken to even greater heights by his Cyborg Body which is something One Piece fans have many theories on. Since Kuma’s powers have the ability to repel air, many presume that he can hit many of the strongest people in the One Piece Universe. One Piece fans are eager to learn more about the Paw fruit.

Kuma and The Straw Hat Pirates

Bartholomew Kuma is waiting strew hat pirates

Bartholomew Kuma first encountered Luffy and the Straw Hats during the Thriller Bark arc where Gecko Moria was defeated, the Straw Hats were down and out and Kuma was instructed to bring back the head of their captain. Kuma’s actions showed Kindness by allowing Roronoa Zoro to take all of the pain Luffy had through his power. He let them survive including Zoro in their meeting with a Warlord because of Luffy; Dragon’s son at thriller bark. Fans argue that the only reason he was at Thriller Bark was to help Luffy fight against Moria.

Kuma became the best ally of the Straw Hat pirates at Sabaody Archipeaglo where he saved them from Admiral Kizaru, the place where he sacrificed himself to save them. He repelled all the pirates to various locations out of the reach of the World government, while he was considered evil when he was doing it, they later found that it was a blessing Kuma managed to be at Sabaody. Not only did that allow the Straw Hats to get time to regroup, it also resulted in them taking an entirely different direction and getting stronger before coming back at Sabaody.

While the Straw Hats were taking their time, their Pirate Ship; Sunny Go was left unguarded. Kuma asked Dr Vegapunk to program the protection of the Sunny Go as one of his final tasks until one of the members of the Straw Hats appear. He spent a greater period of a year and a half protecting their pirate ship and lost his humanity during this process. In turn he became a Pacifista without emotions and control, left to be at the disposal of the Celestial Dragons. He was undoubtedly one of the Straw Hat Pirates biggest allies and Kuma’s actions are mysterious to this day.

Kuma and The World Government

Bartholomew Kuma with Vegapunk

The World Government needed a test subject for their Pacifista program and Kuma volunteered to be the test subject, the reasons to why are unknown but that’s where it all began. He infiltrated the world Government by becoming a Warlord to help the Revolutionary Army but then lost his position by aiding the Straw Hats. The former Warlord was then persecuted by the world Government for his actions at Sabaody and was turned into a slave for the Celestial Dragons, he was ridiculed and humiliated as a former Warlord and that was supposed to be his fate but Sabo with the revolutionary Army came to his rescue.

Kuma with The Revolutionary Army

Kuma with other leaders of revolutionary army

The World Government is an oppressive system that involves most of the countries in the world, the one force that rises to oppose the World Government is the Revolutionary Army led by Monkey D Dragon. Bartholomew Kuma hated the Government and was one of the Commanders of the Army, he was later imprisoned and turned into a slave. Sabo, one of his dear friends and student was unable to deal with this situation  so during the conference at Mary Geoise, he went to recover Bartholomew Kuma.

Sabo managed to succeed even after they clashed with Marine Admirals at Mary Geoise, the Revolutionary Army brought Bartholomew Kuma back to Kamabakka Island. There Kuma debriefed Dragon about his endeavors and the Revolutionary Army began treating his body to get their commander and friend back.


At first glace it seemed that Bartholomew Kuma would not have such a pivotal role in the One Piece story line but as we progress, his testimony and existence hold great importance to the future of the Revolutionary Army and the World Government. One of the biggest fan theories dictate that Kuma was writing the secrets of the World Government in his bible. Bartholomew Kuma is well crafted and shrouded in mystery from his origin to his current situation, his motivations and reasons are still unknown. Kuma’s current predicament is one to be lamented, hope only exists for him if his conscious is still salvageable. Dr Vegapunk was ordered to turn his entire body into a Pacifista and that includes his personality. We are all eager to see how Kuma will persevere and if he will stand against the World Government after all that he has been through.


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