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One Piece : is Sabo stronger than Luffy and Ace?

Luffy, after the Wano arc, emerges as the strongest among the three brothers, surpassing both Ace's legacy and Sabo's prowess.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  • Ace, once captain of Whitebeard’s 2nd division, demonstrated remarkable power through his bounty and combat capabilities, challenging formidable foes like Jinbe and Admiral Aokiji.

  • Sabo, the revolutionary army’s chief of staff and second strongest member, has showcased his strength by besting formidable opponents like Jesus Burgess and holds the Mera Mera no Mi devil fruit.

  • Following intense training and after the events of the Wano arc, Luffy defeated Kaido with his new gear 5 form and advanced haki, now surpassing both Sabo and Ace in strength, making him the most formidable of the three brothers.

It is true that there have been many misconceptions about the power levels of the three brothers, with some saying that Luffy is at Ace’s level after the two years of training and is at the same level as Sabo. Luffy, in the Wano Arc, is stronger than Ace was, but not by much, and is still weaker than Sabo.

Let’s look at the reason in detail for Luffy vs Sabo and Ace.

Is Ace Stronger Than Sabo and Luffy?

Ace was the captain of the second division of Whitebeard, who was considered the strongest man after Gol D. Roger.

He went to sea 3 years before Luffy and was already stronger than him before eating the mera mera no mi. So here are some important facts to highlight:

He was invited to join the shichibukai but refused. You know that shichibukai are usually strong and are one of the three forces that maintain the balance of power of the sea with the Yonko and the Marines.

He fought Jinbe which led to a tie when he wanted to find Whitebeard to challenge him. Jinbe is still very strong at this point and Ace was still evolving when he joined the Whitebeard team.

He was named captain of the 2nd division of Whitebeard’s crew. This is a fact that people forget… Being a captain of a division of a Yonko means you have to be incredibly powerful. He was probably weaker than Marco and Jozu, but he most certainly wasn’t much weaker than Doflamingo. He had to be at least as powerful as the division commanders of other Yonko crews to keep the balance between them.

He had a bonus of 550,000,000 berry. We only saw bounties this high after Luffy’s two-year hiatus from the crew, which means Ace was already at that level.

He easily defeated Smoker and other vice admiral, matched Admiral Aokiji’s attacks, and only died at the attack of Akainu, the current fleet admiral of marine who is an exceptionally strong marine, because he was protecting Luffy. He was not stronger than an admiral, but he was able to stand up against one of them.

He was only defeated by Blackbeard. He was the main villain of the series, the one who could give Shanks a scar, and he himself admitted that he was not careless in the fight. Blackbeard told his crew not to fight because Ace was stronger than them at the time and they are the commanders of the future Yonko. They have certainly evolved but it is already a sign of Ace’s strength to only be defeated by a character who is already at least at a level to damage a Yonko.

For the last point, of course, he could use haki. After all these feats, one cannot be as naive to think that he was only relying on mera mera no mi. The concept of haki was not yet well developed but no one is able to survive for long in the new world without haki, as pekoms said.

For the last point, of course, he could use haki. After all these exploits, one can’t be as naive to think that he only relied on mera mera no mi. The concept of haki was not yet well developed but no one is able to survive for long in the new world without haki, as pekoms said.

Is sabo stronger than luffy and ace ?

Now let’s talk about Sabo vs Luffy or Ace.

Sabo trained with the revolutionary army where he is the 2nd commander and chief of staff. The revolutionary army is led by Dragon, the most wanted man in the world. That probably means he has the highest bounty in the whole series.

The revolutionary army’s chief of staff must be the most wanted man because unlike a Yonko, he wants to change the way the world works. But the government fears him and because he can probably force his will. Maybe he knows something about the famous century, not everything but rather a fact that made him want to fight the heavenly dragons. The pirate king himself thought he couldn’t do anything about it when he discovered the truth, but Dragon thinks he can. And Sabo is his right hand and has trained with him since he was a child. Let’s get to the facts:

As we said before, he is the second strongest in the revolutionary army. It’s a faction as strong as a Yonko fleet or the Marines. He can easily defeat luffy and ace (before Wano arc).

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Sabo possesses Mera Mera no Mi, the devil fruit abilities from Ace.

His bounty turned out to be 602,000,000. This seems low for his title, but remember that revolutionary members are shady and don’t cause too much trouble in the open.

He easily defeated Jesus Burgess, who is the commander and right hand man of Blackbeard’s fleet, and he will probably be Luffy’s last opponent. That’s why he has to be powerful and at least as strong as the other Yonko commanders.

In the revenge war waged by Blackbeard’s fleet and the rest of Whitebeard pirates, they wiped out Marco, Vista and Jozu. He was one of the first members of Whitebeard’s crew, so he’s probably above the skill set of most of the people gathered at the impel down.

He matched marine admiral Fujitora and didn’t sweat doing it, even though he didn’t win either.

Sabo is stronger than Ace for sure based on these achievements. The only question is : can luffy beat sabo?

Is Luffy stronger than Sabo and Ace?

Is luffy stronger than his sworn brother? After two years of time skip of haki training by silvers rayleigh, who is an exceptionally talented haki userthe straw hat captain defeated Katakuri in whole cake island, the first commander of the Big Mom fleet. And even so, we can’t say that he won in a fair fight, because we can’t be sure of the result if there had been no external events. Even so, Ace was not strong enough to beat Katakuri, but he could probably beat Cracker or at least end the fight in a draw.

Sabo, as the second in command of the revolutionary army, must be stronger than most of the Yonko commanders. He has shown that he can easily defeat Jesus Burgess, who would probably give Katakuri a good fight since he is among the best Blackbeard commanders. There may be other commanders as strong as Sabo, but Katakuri may not be stronger than him, as Luffy could beat him and Luffy would not beat Burgess as easily as Sabo could.

However, as the wano arc came an the end, the captain of straw hat pirates successfully beat one of the Yonko, Kaido, with his new form gear 5 (also called sun god nika) and 3 types of haki : observation haki, advanced armament haki (Busoshoku haki) and conqueror’s haki. It’s indisputable that luffy surpasses sabo, who can hardly beat current luffy.

So, who is the strongest devil fruit brother?

So we come to our ranking of the power of the three brothers:

  • The strongest brother: Luffy

  • The one who has been the strongest before Wano Arc: Sabo

  • The one who guided his brothers : Ace

Of course Luffy has already caught up with Ace and continues to gain power. With the ending of wano arc, he is now the strongest among his brothers and it’s only a matter of time before he becomes the strongest character of the One Piece series.

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