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How Does Usopp’s Haki Compare To Other One Piece Characters?

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Among the awe-inspiring powers of the One Piece universe lies the three forms of Haki: Observation, Armament, and Conqueror’s Haki. The latter one is undeniably versatile, especially for marksmen like the skilled Usopp from the Straw Hats pirates. But what about his Haki? How does Usopp’s Haki compare to other characters from the world of One Piece?

In this article, we’ll explore how Usopp stacks up against some of the toughest fighters in the series when it comes to mastering the Color of Observation Haki.

So let’s take a look at how Usopp fares amongst these powerful warriors!

Overview Of Usopp’s Haki Abilities

Contrasting his debut as the comic relief, Usopp has undergone significant character development, as he became a more integral part of the Straw Hat crew. One aspect that sets him apart from others is his accurate use of Haki.

As a quick reminder, the Observation Haki is a type of Haki that allows users to sense the presence and intent of others around them. This means that they can anticipate an opponent’s movements in advance; which is particularly useful for a sniper as Usopp.

Despite not having any Devil Fruit powers, he utilizes various gadgets during combat that make him a valuable normal member of the Straw Hat crew. Usopp’s use of Observation Haki allows him to act as a lookout for the crew and anticipate potential dangers ahead. This was depicted all the anime long, as he detect things quicker than others.

Does Usopp have Haki? Absolutely! 

In fact, fans got a glimpse of his amazing power during the Dressrosa Arc, when he sniped at Sugar from a jaw-dropping distance to save his captain Luffy.

It wasn’t just impressive; it proved that Usopp’s haki is on par with some of the strongest characters in One Piece.

With this immense potential at hand, we move onto how Usopp’s haki stacks up against other characters.


Usopp’s Observation Haki Vs Other Characters

Usopp’s Observation Haki is one of the most impressive Observation Haki showcased, behind the likes of Enel, Katakuri and Sanji’s. 

Compared to other One Piece characters who have mastered Observation Haki like Luffy, Sanji or Zoro; Usopp’s use of it seems more refined and precise. He doesn’t just rely on dodging or blocking attacks; he also uses his observational skills to sharpen his marksmanship, combined with his “Kabuto” and the savage Pop Green seeds.

This combination of powers makes Usopp a relevant warrior – as he aims to be – especially considering his lack of Devil Fruit ability and Armament Haki. Usopp is meant to remain the human-view angle throughout the manga. 

Despite these impressive abilities, there are still many possibilities when it comes to what other forms of haki Usopp may possess. Perhaps he could unlock Conqueror’s Haki by the end of the series, since we witnessed his determination at Water Seven. 

Who knows what potential lies inside our favorite sharpshooter?

Let’s move on then to explore those very possibilities…


Possibilities Of Usopp’s Other Haki Types

While other characters such as Luffy and Zoro have used their own variations of this power, Usopp stands out because he is able to use his observations skills while still retaining good control over his own body.

But what about Usopp’s other haki types?

It remains unknown if Usopp has any more hidden powers up his sleeve but there’s definitely potential for some interesting developments down the line.

Given Usopp’s growth as a fighter throughout the series, it’s not unreasonable to suspect that he may develop the Armament type of Haki as well. But this is not likely to happen, since Usopp isn’t the type of warrior who would stand in close fight – but rather long-range cover fire.

Second, they might be some evidences suggesting Luffy as a Conqueror’s Haki passive user.

First of all, he has displayed some impressive willpower throughout the series. Despite his initial cowardice, he has faced the CP9 to protect the dying Going Merry with bravery and determination. Keep in mind how terrifying they were in that time.

Given these qualities, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine that Usopp may eventually awaken Conqueror’s Haki. One possible scenario is that he will face a particularly difficult opponent or situation that will push him to his limits, causing him to tap into this latent ability.

Whatever happens next will be sure to excite One Piece manga fans all across the world!


How Usopp’s Haki Impacts The Straw Hat Pirates

Usopp has been a powerful force within the Straw Hat Pirates since he joined. His ingenuity, courage and loyalty have made him an integral part of the crew – but even more impressive is his ability to use Haki! 

Usopp’s amazing sharpshooting skills gives him a huge advantage over many other characters in One Piece; not only can he sense opponents positions, but also use it as a form of attack. This makes Usopp one of the few non-Devil Fruit users with such capabilities.

The Straw Hat Pirates are no strangers when it comes to facing difficult battles, so having someone like Usopp on their side is undoubtedly beneficial for cover firing.

To Summarize

Usopp’s use of Haki in One Piece is unique and impressive. Despite lacking brute strength, his mastery of Observation and Armament Haki allows him to creatively overcome opponents. His utilization of Haki also shows his growth and acceptance of his role in the Straw Hat crew. Usopp’s journey with Haki has been exciting to watch, and with his determination and ingenuity, he’s sure to overcome even more challenges in the future.

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