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What Does Zoro call Sanji? The Relationship Explained!

Zoro and Sanji's deep-rooted respect for one another shines through their shared adventures in the world of One Piece.
What Does Zoro call Sanji

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


  • Zoro uses multiple nicknames for Sanji, such as “curly cook”, “Sobagaki”, “Lovecook”, and “Mr. Prince”. Despite the banter and occasional clashes, the two have mutual respect for one another.

  • Sanji often refers to Zoro as “Marimo”, “moss head”, or “Bushido Brown”, drawing parallels to Zoro’s green hair and swords. The jabs hint at their playful rivalry, but also acknowledge Zoro’s strength and history.

  • Zoro’s heritage ties him to the legendary swordsman Ryuuma, confirming a familial connection. Meanwhile, Sanji’s lineage as a Vinsmoke reveals him to be a genetically modified pirate, balancing newfound power with retained human emotions.

One piece enjoys a wide number of complex characters that have unique relationships with each other. The relationships between the characters have always fascinated the fans, causing many to pick a favorite character or support a ship (pun intended).

The focus of this character would be on two of our favorite One Piece characters, Zoro and Sanji, what they call each other, and their relationship.

What does Zoro call Sanji in One piece?

Roronoa Zoro also known as pirate hunter Zoro, is the Straw hat crew’s swordsman, and also the first mate of the crew. He is an insanely strong fighter and uses three swords to keep enemies at bay.

Sanji, on the other hand, is the cook of the ship. However, he is not limited to that role, as he is also one of the strongest fighters on the crew. Sanji has Observation Haki, and armament Haki at his disposal. There are a lot of nicknames in the One piece manga and anime. It’s almost as if Oda likes nicknames.

Zoro, and Sanji enjoy a unique relationship and often at times are at odds with each other, this can be seen in their fights which are often used for comedic relief by Oda. Zoro rarely calls Sanji by his name. Zoro has been called Sanji by multiple nicknames, such as curly cook or Sobagaki, in the original Japanese manga. Sanji, has the habit of being extremely flirty towards women; in fact, a major part of his character is based on this; owing to his antics, Zoro calls Sanji as Lovecook. From time to time, Zoro called Sanji as ero cook, owing to his perverted nature. Apart from this, during the Alabasta arc, he also went undercover as Mr. Prince.

After the reveal that Sanji was part of the Vinsmoke family, Zoro called Sanji Mr Prince, in an effort to make fun of the curly cook. Due to his facial features, Zoro, and Luffy calls Sanji, as curly eyebrows as well. However, most of the people within the Straw Hat Pirates‘ crew use similar nicknames, with Nico Robin, calling Sanji by his name, more specifically as Sanji-kun.

Zoro calls Sanji, all these nicknames, but there is no doubt that they both respect each other.

What does Sanji call Zoro?

Sanji also has his own nickname for the swordsman. On more than one occasion, he has referred to Zoro as Marimo, and moss heard, which is directly tied to Zoro’s green hair that resembles algae. In the anime, Sanji refers to Zoro as Bushido Brown, which is inspired by the tv show Boondocks, he calls this because of Zoro’s swords.

In the earlier half of the series before timeskip, he also called Zoro as the shitty swordsman, in an attempt to ridicule his sense of direction.In the past, both Luffy, and Sanji called Zoro as a pirate hunter, and while doing so they acknowledge his past as a bounty hunter, along with his skills. Apart from this in the manga, due to a translation issue Zoro, is written by Oda, as Roronoa Zolo.

What relation do Sanji and Zoro have?

Zoro, and Sanji are two core members of the straw hat pirates. Together, Sanji, Zoro have earned the title of the pirate king’s wings. They both are fighting powerhouses within the crew. Sanji, and Zoro have a unique relationship; they can often be seen fighting each other and throwing insults back and forth. They rarely even use their own actual names while talking to each other.

Apart from the fighting, there is no doubt that the two have a lot of respect for each other. This can be seen numerous times when during the fighting when Sanji fights someone with a sword, he automatically compares them to Zoro’s swords. Apart from this Sanji, on different occasions has shown his respect such as during Enies Lobby arc, after Zoro defeats Kaku, Sanji compliments him by saying, “You’ve got a fine set of swords there. You put them to good use.” Zoro also has the same respect for Sanji. During the Enies Lobby arc after Sanji saves Usopp from being executed by CP9, Zoro acknowledges Sanji’s bravery and compliments him by saying, “Not bad, Cook. You’re not just all talk.”

During the Whole Cake Island arc, when Sanji reveals that he has prepared a wedding cake for Big Mom and her crew, Zoro compliments Sanji’s cooking skills by saying, “That’s some incredible cooking you got there, Curly Brows.”These exchanges show that while they aren’t like conventional friends, they still have a strong bond, and a lot of respect for the other.

Is Zoro related to Ryuuma?

Ryuuma, is said to be the greatest swordsman that ever lived. He was a samurai that lived and protected Wano. Zoro, and Ryuuma, the two swordsmen, met in thriller bark, where they both fought each other, this was because Ryuuma, died a long time ago, but Gecko Moria was controlling his body. The two swordsmen faced each other in a battle, where Zoro came out on top, this is mainly because Ryuuma only had a fraction of his past strength when he was alive. At the end of the battle, Zoro won the sword Shusui over from Ryumma.

In the Wano arc, it was revealed by Oda, that Zoro was related to the Shimotsuki Family. This sort of explains Zoro’s insane strength and his affinity to swords. The fans had a lot of questions about Zoro’s family, as things were left unclear in the manga, Oda gave us his answer, in an interview, where he drew Zoro’s family tree, thus confirming that Roronoa Zoro, was indeed related to Ryuuma.

The secret behind Zoro’s Left eye?

Ever since Zoro joined the Straw hats, his goal was clear. He wanted to be the world’s greatest swordsman. Zoro, has only lost one fight, which is to Dracule Mihawk, the strongest swordsman currently. After the event of Sabaody, and Marineford, Zoro sucked his pride up, and asked Mihawk to train him. During the time skip Mihawk Trained Zoro, in Observation Haki, armament Haki, and other sword techniques.

When we see Zoro, after the timeskip we see, a scar on his left eye that is now permanently closed. It was never really explained how this happened in the manga or the anime, and there is no correct answer about its cause.

Some fans believe that Zoro, is hiding a special power within his eye or that he keeps it closed to use only one eye to limit himself. However, in recent times, with Zoro’s fight against Kaido, he hasn’t used his left eye despite being disadvantaged. This proves that Zoro’s left eye being closed is nothing special. It is probably the result of an injury during training or a fight. However, this is still not confirmed, as he considered himself to be superior to those who used both eyes to see in the straw hats fight against the Fishman pirates.

Is Sanji a Cyborg?

The curly cook, who initially seemed like a master of observation Haki, has been given a new powerup in the One Piece manga. Sanji Kun, was revealed to be a part of the Vinsmoke family, and as such, he was provided with a raid suit. Almost all of Sanji’s siblings are modified humans. As a result, they have lost their emotions in return for their extraordinary ability to fight and win a battle with the Germa 66 armies.

Sanji was given the same drug as his siblings, but it did not take effect until he used the raid suit on Onigashima. After awakening his new genetic enhancements, Sanji has become much stronger, and is now a genetically modified pirate. Despite Sanji gaining new abilities, he has still managed to retain his human emotions. In the fight against Queen, in the battle of Onigashima, he asks Zoro to kill him, if he loses himself.

To answer the question, Sanji, isn’t exactly a cyborg. However, he is probably the only genetically modified pirate in the One Piece anime and manga.


Above, we’ve discussed some of the most frequently asked questions about Zoro, Sanji, and One piece in general. We’ve managed to cover both characters’ past, lineage, and relationship with each other.

Zoro, and Sanji both have similar nuances to their personalities, as both are full of pride, and are extremely loyal to the straw hat pirates. Sanji doesn’t hold back in calling Zoro with mocking names such as “Bushido Brown” and “Shitty Swordsman”. While, Zoro also called Sanji with funny names like “Ero Cook” and “Lovecook”. You can follow the official English manga on Viz manga to stay updated with the latest news about Straw Hats


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