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One Piece: What Happened to Zoro’s Eye?

Zoro's scarred left eye in "One Piece" sparks myriad theories, from harboring mystical powers to practical historical practices, leaving fans intrigued.

One Piece: What Happened to Zoro’s Eye?


  • After the “One Piece” time skip, Zoro’s scarred left eye led to various fan theories. While Eiichiro Oda envisioned Zoro as a one-eyed swordsman, the exact reason for his closed eye remains a mystery, with suggestions ranging from special powers to real-life conditions.
  • A prominent theory suggests Zoro’s left eye contains the Asura Demon’s power, linking it to his ability to handle cursed swords. Some believe Mihawk advised him to shut it to focus on pure swordsmanship.
  • Other theories propose practical explanations, like ocular dominance where one eye’s vision is superior, or historical practices of pirates using eye patches to adjust to light differences. The true nature of Zoro’s eye remains one of the series’ intriguing riddles.

The world of One Piece is vast and wondrous; there are many characters and loose ends, leaving the fans with countless questions. One of the most central questions is, “what happened to Zoro’s left eye?” After the time skip, everyone from the Straw Hat crew went through a makeover, and Zoro did too, where he had a scar over his left eye.

Zoro’s Left Eye

Fans have been contemplating what might have happened during Zoro’s training with Hawk Eye Mihawk, and he will open his eye. Eiichiro Oda always wanted Zoro to be a one-eyed swordsman, and the time skip was the perfect time to enact this idea.

The reason behind his left eye being closed is still under wraps, but fans still come up with their theories, and there are many popular theories but some of them are very interesting. The most notable ones are stemming One Piece lore and logic. Most fans believe that the eye grants Zoro extra powers like Observation Haki, Conqueror’s Haki, the Demon Asura, and Ocular Dominance, or some say that it’s just based on real life.

Demon Asura Zoro

One of the most popular fan theory is based on Zoro’s demon powers, mainly Asura. The theory states that Zoro’s left eye holds the power of the Asura Demon, and he keeps it closed to control its powers. The fan theory details Zoro’s ability to wield Cursed Swords, and he can hold and use two cursed swords without meeting a horrible fate. Fans say this is because of the Demon Asura’s power which Zoro has in his left eye. Zoro keeps his left eye shut to maintain control over his asura powers.

Zoro’s left eye has been seen glowing multiple times before the time skip. His abilities were seen to their fullest extent during the Water 7 Arc before the time skip, where he had to use Asura to defeat one of the members of the CP9. Fans have concluded that since Mihawk did not want Zoro to rely on his latent abilities and improve his swordsmanship, he instructed Zoro to close his left eye. This fan theory co-relates with the One Piece world and makes a lot of sense, leaving fans with much to look forward to.

Conquerors Haki

One of the strongest characters in One Piece with one of the most significant ambitions in the series: To become the Greatest Swordsman, Roronoa Zoro, is the perfect character to develop Conquerors Haki. With the recent episodes and chapters out now, we can see Zoro using Conqueror’s Haki against Kaido’s subordinates. The fan theory suggests that Zoro’s left eye is something he keeps closed since he would only open it to utilize it fully. This fan theory does pose some credibility since Oda has shown the eyes to be the activator of Conquerors Haki. Still, most believe that it emphasizes the user’s aura.

The fan theory could hold up better since this would require Zoro only to be able to use Conquerors Haki with his left eye where, as it is based on the person’s will. Also, we have seen in the latest episodes and chapters Zoro using Haki, but he doesn’t open his left eye. The theory does sound compelling at first, but some flaws in it can not be overlooked.

Ocular Dominance

This fan theory is based on realism and isn’t as flashy as the other theories. Ocular Dominance is a medical condition where the vision of one eye is superior to the vision of the other. Mihawk noticed during his training with Zoro that his vision wasn’t the best, especially in his left eye, so he forced it closed.

Hawk Eye’s force Zoro to use his other eye while Zoro trained, to see clearly and rely more on Haki than anything else. We can see such a method used by Navy Admiral Fujitora, who deliberately forsook his ability to see and kept his eye closed. This theory could be more impressive for fans as they wish to see some grand reveal, but sometimes the most straightforward solutions are the ones that make the most sense.

Hawk Eye’s Observation

Some Fans believe that Zoro has been granted an eye like Mihawk’s as a passing of the torch, similar to Shanks losing an arm for the new age. Fans believe this eye has Hawk Eye’s Haki of Observation abilities. It is a version of those eyes becoming Zoro’s Observation Haki that he keeps hidden and will only use once he thinks it is necessary.

Conclusion: The Left Eye

While all the theories presented engage in some way, shape, or form, a fan theory suggests that it is based on aesthetics. Zoro injured his eye during a training mishap with Hawk Eyes Mihawk, and Oda wanted to represent pirates with eye patches.

Historically pirates used to wear eye patches not because their eyes didn’t work but because they needed to go below deck and it would be dark. They would adjust the eyepatch accordingly, giving them a clear vision above and below the deck.

There are various theories surrounding the mystery of Zoro’s eye, and we will only be able to know if Oda decides to show us what we’re missing. Roronoa Zoro is an integral part of the Straw Hats and is growing stronger as the series progresses. All of these theories are plausible, and there are a lot of mysteries shrouded in secret in the world of One Piece; I would like to believe that Zoro’s new ability will stem from his left eye, and with the twists and turns One Piece has provided throughout the years, I can’t wait to see what Oda has in store for us. 


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