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Who has the gum gum fruit before luffy?

Luffy Gum Gum Fruit

Who has the gum gum fruit before luffy?

Luffy Gum Gum Fruit

Have you ever thought about who owns Gomu Gomu no Mi before Luffy, captain of straw hat pirates? This question never ceases to eclipse the writer, because he is really curious about it.

Devil fruit of Monkey D. Luffy

This devil fruit Gomu Gomu no Mi can make the user elastic like rubber man.

Luffy is not the first! Who owned Gomu Gomu no Mi before Luffy? 12 One piece gomu gomu no mi 4

But in recent years, the future pirate king has managed to increase its strength to a much higher level.

Many are curious, in fact before Luffy ate the demon fruit. There is an answer to this, even if it is only speculation.

The person who probably possessed Gomu Gomu no Mi before Luffy was Ace’s mother and the wife of Gol D. Roger, Portgas D. Rouge.

Portgas D.Rouge

One of the reasons why many speculate in this way is based on the birth of Ace. We also know that usually a mother conceives her baby within nine months before finally being born into the world. However, Rouge contained Ace longer than he should have.

It is said that since Roger was crowned king of the pirates, almost everyone in the One Piece world has cursed and wanted to kill Roger.

He is considered the most violent criminal in the world, even though this is just propaganda from the Navy and the world government.

Considering Roger a criminal puts his wife in danger. When they find out his wife is pregnant, it creates pressure on Rouge to give birth to Ace, as they watch his son so there will be no more offspring from Roger’s lifetime.

Rouge ended up with Ace until she was 20 months pregnant. According to what was said, this was possible because of Rouge’s determination and great strength to save Ace.

This means that Ace was 11 months old when she was born. If we think about it, women with normal bodies will not be able to carry such a heavy baby, unless they have certain powers.

This could be, what happened when Ace was still in the womb with the help of Gomu Gomu no Mi which was consumed or possessed by Rouge.

This power allows him to expand his body and stomach to be even bigger than a normal person’s body. It also allowed him to contain Ace even longer.

From another point of view, it also explains why Shanks obtained the fruit from government ship. Shanks was probably saving the devil fruit for someone he lost left arm for and thinks is appropriate.

Luffy is not the first! Who did Gomu Gomu no Mi belong to before Luffy? 14 one piece gomu gomu no mi 2

It may be that when Shanks, captain of red hair pirates finds out about Ace, he gives away his devil fruit because maybe from the beginning, the devil fruit belonged to his mother. How do you respond to this theory?



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