Are you tired of the monotone color designed by Apple for your iPhone? Are you a Japanese culture fan and looking for Nihon No (Japanese) style to decorate your devices?

You are in the right place! Our iPhone skins can maintain original design of your iPhone by adding a layer of uniqueness and personality to it, and your device will always look so amazing among your friends.


Here at Wrapime, we’re proud of our iPhone device skins.

Each iPhone 12 Pro skin sold by Wrapime is guaranteed the following:

  • Premium-quality 3M vinyl with outer laminate reinforcement.
  • Perfectly protect your iPhone from scratch, dirt, and dust.
  • Full set coverage for rear, sides, top, bottom, camera.
  • Easy step-by-step video instruction for flawless application with every skin.



  • Model: Agatsuma Zenitsu iPhone 12 Pro Skin
  • Quantity : 1 iPhone 12 Pro Skin Sticker
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AgatsumaZenitsu Iphone12proskin 2 1Agatsuma Zenitsu iPhone 12 Pro Skin

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